SnaaapAndShare is about sharing any of your purchases or redemptions made with SNAAAP on social media. 

Anyone who makes a purchase from your SnaaapAndShare link will become part of your Inner Circle and you will earn Points based on the purchase price of the item that they bought. 

When they have their friends that make purchases from their SnaaapAndShare link, they become part of your Outer Circle and you will earn Points based on the purchase price of the item they bought. 

Every new SnaaapAndShare that you make creates a new Inner Circle and new Outer Circle.  

How many and how big are your Inner Circles and Outer Circles: Unlimited!


You don’t need a treasure map to find deals. 

With SnaaapDeals, enjoy fantastic deals from our partner merchants! You will also earn Points after sharing share the Deal. 

That’s what we call, a win-win-win!


Want to jadi lebih hebat 

SnaaapRewards is the way! 

You are rewarded with Points in so many ways: 

1. When you scan ANY QR code with the SNAAAP App 

2. Refer your friends to download to SNAAAP 

3. Whenever you SnaaapAndShare the purchases you found 

4. Every time you share a Deal or Products via social media like Facebook or even on Whatsapp 

And the list goes on… 

And what to do with all these Points? Spend lah!


What makes Snaaap2Pay totally different from other QR code payments? You get Points – lots of it. And not just when you use it, but also when your Inner Circles and Outer Circles uses Snaaap2Pay to pay as well.  

And you already know what you can do with all those Points now, do you?

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